What is the definition of happiness?


Keep that in mind.

I encountered a man who posed that question amidst our conversation.
This was a follow up to the first question he asked me.
“Forget money, above all else, what is the only thing in this world that you need?”


“Ah, well what is the definition of happiness?”

“To me, it is freedom.” – I replied

Well, perception shapes our reality. Ever hear the saying “You hear what you want to.”? That is exatly what happened. As we continue our conversation he points something out to me. He pointed out that I started with the words “to me”. He continued to explain a few things that opened my eyes. He had several supporting details with the position that we must share common definitions in life, for that is the only way for us as a civilization to progress. However, I would like to shine the light on another token of wisdom he shared with me.

Freedom…is not, in fact happiness.

Freedom conveys happiness.
Freedom fosters happiness.
Freedom cultivates happiness.

Ultimately, I heard what I wanted to hear. I told of things that came to mind when I thought of “Happiness”. I did not, however, provide a definition of what happiness is.

So, what IS happiness?

His answer, “A plethora of pleasureable experiences.”


Please leave your thoughts below!

P.S.-He gave me a book to read, “How to live with another person” by Dr. David Viscott. It is ordered and in the mail! I will have my thoughts for you in a week!

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