Why try?


Well, another thought cropped up in your mind, and it’s a pretty awesome idea!!

…or is it?

It definitely is?

…but is it?

The inner monologue begins:
“Why should I bother? It’ll probably just hurt in the end. It’s too big. I don’t have enough time. It’s not really that great of an idea.”

You mind, is trying to protect you from stress, and risk. By virtue of this, it is trying to keep you safe and comfortable in your “no-risk” zone. What fun is that?

Your thoughts, trigger emotions, which cloud you natural rational thought process. Fear, is quite the intriguing emotion. It can cause you to curl into a ball in the corner or the room, and it can also cause you to travel blindly headstrong into the problem.

Well, this all relates back to self-awareness. How do YOU normally face a situation where you face fear? Do you run away? Do you aggressively run in? Do you calculate all risks and then make a decision on whether you believe the immediate path in front of you is the correct or incorrect path given what you know about yourself and the situation.

So, why try?

-Because never giving it a shot is a pretty terrible feeling to live the rest of your life with.

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