Let’s get efficient!

Well, I did it again! Kept my eyes peeled and scored an awesome deal!!

I bought some real estate. Some Visual Real estate!!!! Now I have an extremely large monitor, and figured out how to set up my phone to mirror onto my computer and there you have it!
Screenshot 2017-04-17 20.13.47

Just picked up a 50″ LED tv for quite cheap! It has both HDMI ports AND an old school PC monitor connection! SO, as you can see, I now have a giant monitor. I can do SO MANY THINGS now. I am now typing on an actual keyboard while lying in bed.

Things are off and running!

The truth is, I grew up on Windows. I know it extremely well, and my keyboard typing speed is one of the quickest, most efficient ways to get thoughts out of my head. I simply don’t operate very well on a tiny little touch screen. I need to feel the keyboard physically. I took typing speed classes in 5th grade when we had a single room in the school that housed the majority of any computer you would ever see in those days. Things have changed, yes. But, self awareness is extremely important. I know how I operate best, and therefore I can put myself into more advantageous positions.

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