Be present.

You’ve heard it before, or maybe you haven’t. Be present.

What does it mean?

How do I achieve it?

Life is not much more than a series of individual moments, linked together. The scenarios that play out in your mind day in and day out, are simply that, scenarios. A small microscopic percentage of those thought ever actually come to fruition. Is it healthy to think ahead and be aware of potential risks? Of course! It is also important to take periodic checks to do this throughout you life, whether it be once a day, once a week, etc. Play with the idea. Let your brain play with it for a minute. Then you will have your (hopefully malleable) opinion on the matter.

Now, it can rest. Now you can bring your mind back to the “present”. What is the benefit of this? Being present can have an amazing effect on your life. Being present allows you to be more aware. Aware of what, you may ask? Everything. Aware of the situation, aware of the environment, aware of the feelings of those that surround you, aware of your own feelings, aware of countless things that are happening every second, but you are too busy worry about paying rent next month, or how you should’ve asked Sally out in 5th grade.

Being present gives the respect to everything involved in that moment. You attention is one of the world’s most valuable assets. If you constantly keep it in the future of the past, you never get to actually experience life. You think about what might happen, or miss opportunity after opportunity, which leads to more regret, and more thinking in the past.

The more you connect with the moment, the more quickly you will see your life change.

Spread your wings and fly my friends!

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