Where are you going?

We don’t always know where we are headed.
We don’t always know why we are going there.

But something calls to us…
Something calls to us in the distance…

So we follow
This road called “life” appears in front of us as we travel it.

We don’t always have a map.
We don’t always have headlights.

Sometimes, you just go for it.
Sometimes, you just decided that today is the day I want to be different.

Whenever we travel, we also want to look around us. Awareness is a very important asset. We can fall into a state of tunnel vision and life becomes too “task-faced”. This is when we should step back, and realize what is behind us. There are endless amounts of experiences that we have learned from, challenges that we have conquered, and moments that will forever impact our character.

Embrace these experiences.
Embrace the road.
Embrace life.

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