Pay attention

A consistent theme around these parts is “awareness”. Whether that is self-awareness, situation awareness, environmental awareness, or otherwise, awareness is paramount. After that first level, you begin to realize that one plays off of the other.


We are surrounded by them. People interact with people every day. Are you paying attention to these people? Well, it is said that “Everyone who comes into your life is a blessing or a lesson”.

Do you pay attention to the mood you are in around specific people?
Do you pay attention to the environment you are in?
Is it calm?
Is it chaotic?
Is it stressful?
Is it blissful?

Is every chat you have always solving their problems?

Do you feel happy and recharged when speaking to them?

Do you feel drained whenever you cross paths?

Often times we want to numb the feeling. We want to rid ourselves of feelings, or just make it stop. In reality, try feeling more. Try being aware. The more you are aware, the more things you may pick up on. Staying in your own bubble inside your head isn’t going to allow you to interact with your surroundings. Thus, you will not be aware of your surroundings, then you will not be aware of how you are interacting with it, or the people that surround you.

Everyone can either be a blessing or a lesson to you. You get to decide what role they play. You are the mastermind that is sculpting your life. Are you keeping people in your life as a blessing, when they should have been a quick lesson into and right back out of your life??

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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