Please distract me!!!!

We have all heard it before. A friend shouting “Someone distract me!!” from their social media profile. Something stressful is going on in their lives and they want an outlet to get away from it. It is important to consider the context of this cry being shown.

Is there something overbearing happening, that they have no control over but they are just heading through the muck anyway?


Are they literally avoiding their own life. If it is a problem that is easy to be solved, then solve it. Avoidance will not bring proper conclusion to the matter. It will simply prolong things, potentially creating more problems in the process.

However, sometimes we just need to get away from the stresses of our lives. Sometimes a distraction gets us out of our minds and gets us to interact with this moment, thus being more present.

Regardless, lend a hand today. You never know who needs it.

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