Your truth is felt in the world

It is often easy to feel like we are nobody in this giant world. One little person, on a planet, in a huge solar system, which is just a finite degree of the entirety that is the universe.

We go through periods of time where we feel inadequate, like nothing we do has any merit or validity to it. This, however, is simply not the case. Everything that you do is felt to some degree in this world. You may have sparked change in someone 5 years ago because of one conversation, and they hold that conversation with them. They carry it in their pocket. They shower in it when the challenge surmounts.

At the end of the day, don’t give up. Don’t give up on your story. You have influence in this world. You put good out into this world. You may not feel like it is important to share that with the world, but it is. We are all struggling, we are all in a dark room with a flashlight. If we care, we can use our flashlight to light up a corner in somebody else’s room. If we feel inadequate, and this stunts our giving to this world, we remove benefit from everybody’s life that you may have touched.

I encourage you to keep showing yourself.
I encourage you to share your light with this world.
I encourage you to be you

Hope you have a blessed day.

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