What is it?

Sometimes it feels like a lifetime has passed

Sometimes it feels as though a lifetime ago was yesterday

I have a spark. I have an idea.

“Write it down!”


Now time to sit down to write, and it was how many days ago?

19 days ago I wrote that thought down?

Wow. I thought it was like 3 days ago and I was going to finish it up.

Where did that time go?


Alternatively, I have plenty of time before I have to finish that project so that I can meet my deadline.

Wait, what?

It’s in 2 days?

How…? Where…? When…?

Well hurry!

“That’s when my best work is done.”
“That’s just who I am.”

Any of this sound familiar?

This whole time thing is quite the conundrum.

I am curious how I can continue to observe these things.

Are you?

I bet you thought I had some great revelation, but I just wanted to make the wheels spin in your head.

Hope you have a great day!

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