The Great Cycle Challenge

Hello friends,

This is gonna get real.


It’s awful.

For the 3rd year I will be participating in the Great Cycle Challenge. This year will be my strongest, however. I finally have a true road bike and I am logging some training miles now so that I can prep for a large June!

This event will occur throughout the world for the entire month of June.

My goals:
500 miles riding
$500 raised in Donations.
Raising awareness for childhood cancer, as well as cancer in general.

I am also looking for someone to sponsor me to help raise awareness. (
This can be a very small monetary amount)
I am also looking for other cyclists to join my team!!

You can be ANYWHERE to be on my team and raise awareness together!

I encourage you all to join me in not only improving your health, but in raising awareness for something very destructive in our community.

To learn more about this challenge, head over to my Rider’s Page

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