Be true to yourself

I like to believe…..

I can continue but I will leave it open ended.

Simply, I like to believe.

Happiness can elude us.

“Things are great! So why am I unhappy?”

These thoughts begin to manifest and you start believing all of these outside influences having an impact on your happiness. Especially with our world’s current state, distractions are an easy outlet for us all.

Alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis, porn, video games, media in general, excessive eating, minimal eating, all make for wonderful vices in our world. It’s “easier” to run to one of these outlets.

But is it really?

Is it really easier to run to these? Well, yes.
In essence, it will be easier.
It will be easier to get frustrated and give up.
It will be easy to deny reality.
It will be easy to numb the pain.

It will not, however, let your wounds heal.
It will not fix your situation.
It will not change the facts
It will not make. life. easier.

These external circumstances may affect your life, but they are not the definition of YOU.

Your happiness is a direct reflection of that mirror in front of you.
Are YOU happy with yourself?

Not your job.
Not your family.
Not your friends.
Not your car.
Not your house.
Not your bank account.


Are you happy with YOU?

If you can get to that vulnerable space, that is where you welcome healthy change in your life.

If you can answer this honestly, you have the power of the world in your palm.

I will leave you with this thought to ponder for the day.

What are you happy with?
What are you unhappy with?

What are you grateful for?

Feel free to follow our discussion, or to share your own thoughts!

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