Have you tried?


Have you tried?

You want that life.
You want that job.
You want that car.
You want the girl.
You want the guy.
You want to be healthy.
You want to be wealthy.
You want to put your idea into action.


Have you actually tried?
Have you full on sent it?
Have you just launched off of your springpad?

Well… Why don’t you?

Ideas are wonderful….when you actually DO SOMETHING with them.

An idea sitting in your head is worth nothing.

Try it….see what happens. Test it.

“What-ifs” cloud your mind.

Well, what if IT WORKS?

What if it’s actually amazing?

Well, the only way to know is if you try.

I implore you to go out there and test your ideas!

It may be a very long journey, but please, take the first step.

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