Cycling Progress 5.18.17

Well, let me tell you. I LOVE cycling. You just feel so alive, so capable, after finishing a hellashish climb. You feel stronger.

It takes discipline, mental health, and well, general good health. I am currently on a benchmark of being able to do 20 miles anywhere from 1 Hour and 5 minutes to 1 Hour and fifteen minutes. I am working on getting that average under 1 hour, which would push my M.P.H. average over 20. I am also working on doing longer distances after establishing a more solid foundation. The few times I did about 35 miles, I was pushing my limits so I would like to pace myself to make sure I am growing healthily.

My last cycle was kinda tough. It was good weather for 45 minutes, and then the cloud rolled in as we had yet another winter storm here in Colorado!

The second half is downhill, yet I was facing a very strong headwind. We will see how long this snow sticks around. I am hoping for a good last week of May to build up for a large June.

June is the Annual Great Cycle Challenge USA. I am attempting to ride 500 miles and raise $500 to fight kids’ cancer, as well as cancer in general. You can follow my progress on

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