Stop Waiting

Stop waiting for “that” to be happy.

Things are never going to be perfect, but they are perfect just the way they are.

We mustn’t wait for the stars to be aligned to simply smile. I have found myself at times in life, figuratively holding my breath waiting for the house of cards to fall around me. Why? I wish I could tell you. Maybe my parents insecurities trickled down into my mindset. Maybe I’ve been burned so many times, I just stay out of the heat. But….I don’t.

In some respects, I hustle, HARD. In some respects, I am afraid to even take a step. Sometimes I even think I occupy so much of my time simply to distract myself from putting myself out there more. I am afraid. I am afraid that this won’t work, or that he/she won’t like me, or my ideas. But what’s the point? Why do we continue to do that time and time again?

Why not say fuck it? Why not just put your best foot forward, and too bad if it isn’t perfect for someone. To someone else, it may be GOLD. If it brings you joy, then why not indulge?

DO you know that feeling you get? That feeling of awe? When someone else is out shining their true light to the world, how does that make you feel? Does it inspire you? Well, You can do the same thing for someone else, you simply have to show yourself to the world Not next week, not when the time is right, but NOW.

BE that person for someone else today, let your light shine through!

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