Passion awoken.


What an incredible day!!!

Let me tell you, this is a day that I have wished for.

First, I made a fantastic breakfast. Homemade Frenchtoast and bacon. Killer stuff, lemme tell ya!

Then, I went to “work”.

I am one of the lucky individuals in this world, that makes their income, legally, through Cannabis sales. We had an amazing day at work, absolutely crushed it.

After work, I decide to do a bike ride despite the 19 mph winds.


Missed my best 20 mile time by about a minute.

Then, went to open mic. I wasn’t gung ho about it, but something called to me today.

Let’s just go. Play what you have.

Well, I had an absolute blast!! I met Leo and Calvin. Drums and guitar. They said they have a bass two blocks away and will go grab it if I want to try playing with them. Well, why not! So after I played a few of my songs, some other excellent local artist played.

Then….we decided to try to jam together, in front of about 60 people!!! It was a blast!!!! On the second song we all just linked up and played some super funky blues. People loved it. The aura of the room was absolutely amazing. I have been searching for that feeling for a few years. It hasn’t been anywhere close in several years, then, it just clicks.

I cannot even explain the feeling that room had. It was something out of this world. We created a moment that nobody else gets to ever have. It was breathtaking……

An guitarist that blew me away told me that I was the “hands down, off the cuff bass player of the year” I was SO at home. I am so grateful to have experienced it.

I have walked away from performing several times. My anxiety can get the best of me. Truth is, I have never been so thankful to make myself just go for it.

It is the best feeling in the world.



Stay tuned….I have NEVER felt so ALIVE in my LIFE.

Peace, love, and happiness!

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