“Some days”

Some days…are great.
Some days…not so much….
Some days we fight up hill, some days we throw our hands up as the roller coaster drops.
Some days are scripted, some days not so much.

Yesterday, was quite a day.
Yesterday was of the “non-scripted” variety.

I went to work as per usual.
Did the damn thing.
About an hour before the end of work, a great friend asks if we could just go somewhere to clear the mind.
But I am always up for an adventure, so let us see.

I get out of work and we meet up.
“Where should we go”
-“Somewhere I’ve never been before”

So, I picked a direction and we left. I start driving towards Leadville.
Leadville is the highest town in America, and that makes for some pretty unique landscapes.
We almost stopped at a lake on the way up the pass.

We almost stopped, yet we continue.

After getting a couple of miles outside of Leadville, I pulled over to take a look at where we were and what our route options were.
There were HUGE boulders fill with bullet holes from an annual shooting event!
After deciding to turn around and start making our way back towards the homestead, I pulled back onto the county road.
After a few shorts miles, I realized that I actually turned the wrong way and we were still moving in the same direction.

Well, what a blessing in disguise. In just a short 3 miles the entire valley opened up. There were rolling greens for as long as the eye could see, with some of the largest mountains you will ever see as the backdrop.
In addition to that, there was a little parking area with access to a riverbed.
So we went and laid on that bank for about an hour, skipping rocks, sitting, enjoying. On the very last throw as we departed, I got a rock to skip 7 times! Woot woot! Large black storm clouds rolled in and the whole dynamic changed. The sky opened up and we laughed in the rain. The rain was such a cool, refreshing feeling. It made me feel so alive.

As we drove back, we came across about 5 horses feeding right next to the road! We pulled over and spent a few minutes, being rained on, petting horses. It was pure magic. It was freeing of the everyday shackles of life. It left me longing for nothing.

It left me.
The feeling….even if for a short time, has resided.
The feeling of chasing life, or catching up, or winning this or that, or success…..it was all gone. All that was left was the moment that enveloped us. The moment of just being. No schedules, no deadlines, no paychecks, no bills.

Just existence

After this, we had one more stop….an original looking tree with somewhat of a twist to it for whichever reason! The rain continued to fall, while the smiles continued to rise.

Take a chance my friend. Say yes a little more often. Go on adventures. Realize how magical this world is, if you allow it to be.

Some days are going to absolutely suck. I am reminded, however, that days such as yesterday are always in the offing and you never know when it’s time to play that card.

Keep your head up.
Keep smiling.
Keep on keepin on.

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