Where am I?


What does that mean to you?

Location geographic?
Age in life?
Career success?
Relationship success?

Well, I came up here thinking about all of the above and more. In this picture, I am atop Vail Pass in Colorado. It takes just over an hour on most days to reach this location from my house. It can be a very difficult climb somedays, like today for instance. I took a few days off to rest. My legs were rested, but my whole body was also tight. Add some strong headwinds, and this was one of the hardest times I have had climbing this near 2,000 ft Goliath. Literally, my slowest time out of 17 attempts…..


So here I sat at Black Lake, contemplating.

On my way back home, I would be clicking over 1,500 miles on the year. (75% of the distance of the East Coast of America) Moreso, this is about 3 and a half months that I have been riding. I know that if I keep a decent pace for the next few weeks, I will achieve my 3rd consecutive 500 mile month! My month kicked off with a great 80 mile jam last Saturday for the Copper Triangle! (Full Reflection VERY soon)

I achieved this while working 2 jobs, roughly 50 hours a week. I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have!

….Now what?

Well, I take the lessons I have learned, and continue to mold my life.

– I will continue doing what I love, day in and day out, in an area most people only dream of.
– I will continue to be an Assistant Store Manager for the largest Cannabis company in America.
– I will continue to help people. Every. Single. Day.
– I will continue to ride my bike, which will evolve into a cross-training of swimming and running as well.
– I will count the days until I get to snowboard at Colorado’s Elite ski resorts.
– I will wake up, every day, put my shoes on, and do whatever it takes to crush whatever I have on the agenda.
– I will Prosper.
– I will release my own music.

Wherever you are today….Keep Going.

Please, you owe it to yourself.

Climb that mountain.


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