The Life I have always dreamt of

I look around, and I can’t help but think “this is it!”

Over the years, I have thought about the “prefect” day, the “perfect” lifestyle, etc. as it pertains to me. (These thoughts are obviously not universal)

To me, it involves freedom and happiness. Again, the definitions to these words are personal to us all.

I am an explorer by nature, in every sense of the word. I must explore the outside world, as well as my inside world.

Luckily, I am spending my time doing that.
2 days ago, I did a Hike. Yes. I honestly haven’t hiked for years. Typically I am a fan of faster activities, looking to get my adrenaline fix for the day. Typically I have a snowboard under my arm if I am hiking, but today was simply for the legs, and the soul. I went to the next county over in Alma, Colorado and hiked with one of my friends named Greg.

So we took a drive back some trails.20170903_095919.jpg

and we hiked to the amphitheater!
Greg has some awesome dogs which made the hike even more enjoyable!
Let me tell you. the hike was awe-inspiring. It was great to finally get myself to slow down. I am always operating at top speed, so that I can forget to stop and look around me. Well Look around.


Yesterday, I rode my bike up the highest paved road in the country, Mt. Evans!! 7,000 ft incline over 28 miles. LET’s GET IT!
Here is the Strava segment so you can look if interested!
My friend Ross picked me up at 9 am. We drove a half hour east to Idaho Springs. We parked right next to the highway. From this point it is a clear 7,000 ft climb over 28 miles. Get your polka dots handy! There is a perfect halfway point called Echo Lake. It is exactly halfway in distance, and has a little convenience store for bathroom and refueling.20170904_113307

The initial 14 miles were pretty subdued. Relatively low incline, but nonetheless constant climbing. There were a few switchbacks around mile 6.5 but nothing too terrible.

From this midway point we are at the gate to the entrance of the park. 14 miles from the top.

“Bike come on through!” – We pass the gate, free entry!


From here starts a little more grueling of climbs. TO be honest, not extremely bad, but boyyyy were they longgg, slow inclines. Our next breathing point would be at Summit Lake. This is 5 miles from the top, which also happens to be the hardest climbing, as it is also in 13,000-14,300 ft range for elevation. Oxygen is not very prevalent up here, let me tell you!


From here, we climb!!!

Man, I just went for it. The afternoon gave me a little gropple falling on my head. Little hail, little rain, in very acute spots. Push, push, push. Little further! Now the cars are cheering on their way down. What madman is climbing this on his bike??

“Almost there!” shouted by many cars as they pass.

Pulling into the top lot was a moment of tremendous pride for me. Seriously, I don’t even know how I have gotten myself to push through all of the barriers that I have over the past few months. Mental, Physical, etc, in order to be standing in this spot. Relatively unscathed. In fact, I felt quite good at the top. In fact, I felt that I could do more.



The way down? Words cannot explain. 4 hours of climbing, followed by an hour of nonstop descent at 35-45 mph. EXHILARATING!!!

I really encourage you to push your boundaries in this life. All of the most beautiful things are waiting directly on the other side.

Come and meet me there….

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