Thoughts from a Distance

Who am i?
Why do I want to share my inner most thougths and experiences in word
Yet in real life
My relationships are shit
They are shallow and at arms length
I have a hard time letting people in
I always have
I want to leave my skin at home
It’s who I am

Vulnerable as can be
Destructive as can be

I don’t know what triggers it
I don’t know how to prevent it
I don’t know about much

But i know that I want to share it
I know that I want to connect with you
And you…

I want to share thoughts
I want to understand each other
I want to know that there are other people out there that understand

They relate
They offer advice
And they take inspiration

It is not hard to see why I desire
That which is so cleverly hidden beneath the surface
Thread between the hours of our lives
In between the pleases and thank yous
I just stopped after excuse me
I want to know what is going on out there
What is going on in there
What is going on?

What is going on?

What is it that I have to share
For it is myself
What else can I share for I possess nothing else
I cannot provide you with anything other than the presence of my support
What you do with that is of your choosing

What prompted this?


I want to share everything about my life
But my life cannot be excluded from touching anyone elses, so inherently I have to share their lives at the same time
That, my firneds, is a whole lot of consent going on

It also changes how things proceed
I am curious
I want to know things
I want to achieve things
I want to experience magnificient experiences
Please, lend me you ear, won’t you?

I have a message for you
I love you

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