Day 2 of NO-Vember

Well, Day 2 is complete and I am about to call it a night.

What an amazing day!

The support that I have been continuously receiving over the past 24 hours has blown me away.

I have had friends, near and far, reach out with words of encouragement, jokes to help make light of everything, and even asking for some insight on things they are going through in their own lives.

I have had complete strangers add me, follow me, message me, and support me.

What an amazing feeling.

One of my favorite ideas from the day came from a GREAT friend of mine for about 13 YEARS. One of my first friends in College way back in 2004! She literally got me to open my profile on the original for College students only. SO what was this message?

You have already seen it in the title:


-NO self-hate
-NO lazyness
-NO escuses
-NO pain, no gain
-NO unhealthy food
-NO regrets
-NO quitting


How incredibly spot on for my current reality! What a novel idea! Won’t you join me this NO-vember? Hold yourself to higher standards. Hold yourself accountable!

…..and guess what?? It DOESN’T stop there!!

I was sharing this with my Mother later in the day, and she took it a different way in our conversation. She had a different perspective when I said November…

She actually heard “KNOW”-vember….WHAT????

That makes an even deeper layer to it all!!!

KNOW thyself
KNOW your strengths
KNOW your weaknesses
KNOW what you want from this world
KNOW what you do not want from this world
KNOW that you gave it your all
KNOW that you are safe
KNOW that confidence is beautiful


Well, 8 pm rolled around and I ran to OfficeMax. I wanted to get a much better, more stable mobile desk for my current home setup so that I can be more productive. Let me tell you, I am LOVING it. Much more stable, as well as versatile.


Obviously, I am already stoked.

Then, another slow pitch gets thrown over the plate. A FREE bike AND 2 bike roof racks get posted in one of the online groups I follow, sitting out on a curb with a FREE sign. A quick 3 mile drive, and I have a new bike and 2 roof racks that I can flip quickly for CASH. By the time I had grabbed it, about 4 people already expressed interest, asking questions, etc. Meanwhile, I was GRABBING LIFE BY THE HORNS. Don’t wait around my friends. Seize the opportunity. That is what separates some from others. IT WAS FREE!!!! You are asking questions whether it will fit, whether it’s “good enough”. HA.


Don’t get me wrong, I have had some anxiety sitting at home tonight. A little bit weary of boredom, I start to get antsy. Smoking a bowl, or having a beer would serve multiple purposes. It would literally take up some time to do, and once consumed it would ease that feeling….


That feeling, will be a catalyst for new momentum. I am writing this now because I am clean and sober. Last night I did as well. 2 nights in a row. Do you think I can write for the entire month? I think that there is a hell of a better chance when I am completely clean all month. I have more energy. I get bored, which causes me to explore my self, my thoughts, and the great beyond.

The truth is, smoking Cannabis makes me doubt myself, as well as the validity of my thoughts. It makes me question who I am.(Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) Are these my thoughts, or are these derived from the plant, are the thoughts that cycle in my mind while high. Am I actually this happy, boisterous human being, or is the plant “making” me act this way.

As I continue to reflect, and continue to ponder this topic I have reached a preliminary stance. It simply magnifies things. It is a highlighter of being in a down mood, or a highlighter of how great of a mood you are in. It can also help to switch you mind, often referred to as a “head change”. However, this can be more detrimental than anything else, but I will pick up that thought again later this month.

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