“Know”vember, Day 3

Another day passes, another day with question upon question arising in my mind.

What am I doing again? Testing my will. Strengthening my self-control. Gaining more Self-awareness. I am testing my self. I am reading between the lines to see if I have healthy habits, or if I simply have vices that I lean on. Cannabis, Coffee, Alcohol, Sex.

But why again? Simply to prove to myself that I can. To show that I have complete control over my Self.

It’s like that elephant in my room. I just want to have a hit so I can stop thinking about how I am not going to succumb to it.

Overall, it was a pretty excellent day. Very productive in my own right. I actually slept in a bit today. I think about 8:30 am? That is really sleeping in nowadays? That used to be an early day for me, now it’s a late day. I made myself some awesome french toast and bacon to start the day off.

Then I went to work for an hour. We had our first Management team meeting comprised of new team members. It was very healthy, very productive. Can’t get into much more, that part of life is going to stay a little more private.

So I get home around Noon. Cleaned alllll the crap that piles up in my car. That always helps me feel more at ease. I just always fall behind and just let it be full of crap. Well, no longer!!!

Then I continued to work on getting comfortable with my new Ukulele. I have a fun song I am learning. You will get to see soon enough. It is difficult switching from an enormous 6 string bass, to a tiny like Ukulele. Playing acoustic guitar for 2 years has definitely helped prepare me to bridge that gap.

After a little mid-afternoon nap, it is time for Job #2. Tonight: Bartending a Quinceañera. Ohhh bot haha. Definitely a crazy time. Way different than your normal weddings or networking events that I bartend. Overall, way slow business-wise.

Well, I kept my eye on the net. Looking for deals to pop up across the county. BAM. Video projector, with a small AND large screen. $40!!!!!!!! Going to pick it up tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Afterwards I even got to go help a friend move a bed into a new apartment. Helping people fills me up.

Although the urges are annoying, I am doing very well. I really don’t have an urge to consume any of these vices. I simply feel the urge to do it once just to release. However, I know that if I slip, I will ultimately be way more unhappy with myself that I couldn’t stay the course.


Stay tuned tomorrow. I am off ALL DAY. I am picking up that projector, a new musical instrument (tune in to find out tomorrow!), and then jamming with a new drummer friend.

Life is amazing, friends, if you let it be. You cannot force it, you have to allow it. I am allowing abundance to flow into my life.

Thank you for the support, y’all are the real MVP!!

Hope you are choosing to have an absolutely amazing weekend!!!!


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