1 clean month – Day 4

Well hello there friends!

What a wonderfully long day today. It is amazing how much I am accomplishing day in and day out. The universe seems to be throwing me some soft pitches, and I am digging it.

Today I picked up several new purchases in my journeys. For less than $200 I picked up a Cajon drum, a Djembe drum, AND an LED video Projector. Score!

Woot woot!!

So I made it home around 2 pm. I moved some things around to prepare for some jamming!!! My new friend Joe came over today. He is a killer drummer! We ended up jamming for probably over 3 hours, maybe even 4. It was sensational. I haven’t jammed with anyone to that degree in awhile. I honestly felt completely engulfed. We wrote the basic structure to a song, more polishing to come!

Then, we ended up chatting for over an hour about life, about what I am doing this month, about how people interact with each other, general insecurities we all face, and plenty of other topics. It was refreshing to have such a high level conversation with someone. A conversation more than the standard “Hey, how are you.”
Then we went out to see Frisco Funk Collective at the Barkley Ballroom in Frisco. It was AWESOME. I had a blast, SOBER. I am so happy that I went. It would’ve been much easier to hide away in my room and avoid the alcohol, weed, etc. However, I went. I went, and I had fun. I talked to some people that I only see in passing but haven’t gotten a chance to have a real conversation with. I exchanged numbers with another local guitarist as well!

Overall, it was a superb day! Let me tell you, this is difficult, however it is extremely rewarding. I am showing myself who I really am. I am being shown how I handle situations, and how I can change that. I am so happy that I am holding strong. It would be easy to say screw it, I have done enough, just one bowl, just one beer, but NO. I set a goal. I will accomplish that goal.

Thank you all for the support. It really is amazing to have people walk up to me in a bar and tell me what I am doing is awesome. It warms my heart that people are literally aware that I am doing this, and furthermore, they fully support me. Not one single person tried to push me to drink. Literally 15 people patted me on the back, commending me for my will to win.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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