These long days!

Let me tell you, these days seem SO long. I can accomplish sooo much in a day. I have endless amounts of energy. Literally, even my “tired” is barely a tired in comparison.

Today was quite a long day. Every other Monday we conduct inventory at work, which requires coming in an extra hour early. 7:30am-7pm. Whew. Let’s go!

Today was also a day of success on a personal level. I achieved what I have been waiting for. Resisting the urge. Today I had my first real moment where I just wanted to go let off some steam and smoke a bowl. When I get frustrated, this is an easy outlet. It helps to let go of the vice grip that I have on the thought. A release, so to speak. A venting system, healthy or unhealthy, as you may have an opinion.


I did not!!

I chose a different course of action. I spoke to 2 different people that are close to me. This does two things. It helps helps me process things in a healthier manner, and it helps to strengthen the bond between us. See, we actually want to help each other out in this world. We actually want to be a support system for those we love. When we don’t lean on each other, it can actually cause us to doubt our own worth in the relationship. When we ask each other for advice, vent, or simply call to say hi, it strengthens everything. It helps to share part of ourselves, and in the end, that is really all we ever have to give.

Our Love.

So what effect did this have on my day?

Within an hour, a had 2 of my newest friends reach out to see if I wanted to jam after work. Hell yes I want to play some music!!! That is exactly what I need to be doing to help myself grow. So I planned to head over after work. Before the end of work, I meet not one, but TWO different guitarists. Are you kidding me? How awesome is that?! I invited them both to Prost tomorrow for open mic! They are both new to the county so I would love to help facilitate their musical journey into this county.

Did you see what happened there?

I made a choice.

I made a choice that I am going to handle a scenario in a different manner. Look what happened. Wonderful things began to happen. They were completely unrelated, and there is no way that I could have ever tried to trick myself into changing my state of mind simply because there was a treat at the end of it. Instead I told myself, I want to change. I want to be happy. I want to enjoy the rest of my day. I want to enjoy the rest of my life.

And that I did. I ran home, grabbed my gear, and flew over to my new friend’s house. I was kinda worried I would be showing up a bit late….

I pulled into the driveway at the EXACT SAME TIME as my drummer!! Seriously.

We jammed for about 3 HOURS. Seriously. I worked for 11.5 hours, ran home for 30 seconds, went back out, and played music for another 3 hours.

Then, we went to the bar. I enjoyed a nice order of wings and a nice, tall glass of water. MMMM-MMMMMM!

What a rewarding day. This life is all about choices. Are you choosing to be happy? Are you choosing to worry about the small stuff? Are you grateful for every single thing you have? Are you grateful that you woke up this morning?


THAT is how I feel. I feel Empowered. I feel like I have empowered myself. My whole life I have been waiting for someone to do it for me. One day you just wake up and realize what you want out of life.

I want love.
I want friendship.
I want happiness.

There really isn’t a whole lot more to it for me. Today was a giant step in the direction.

6 Days of zero cannabis, alcohol, coffee, or sex.

6 Days that I have said no to my vices.

6 Days that I have told myself that I deserve this.

6 Days that I have followed through.

What is on your list?

What do you want to take action on?

What can I do to help?

Please, reach out. I would love to hear from you.

Love and Light,

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