Tuesday Turns

Another Super Long Day. My sleep schedule is just all kinds of messed up. Between the daylight savings, and the fact that I literally can’t get myself to sleep for more than 4-5 hours, I am having incredible amounts of activity.

This morning we had our monthly staff meeting at work at 7:30 am. Afterwards, I went snowboarding for a couple of hours. Seriously, snowboarding first week of November. Ahh, I love it. I went with more people today, than probably any day in my 2+ years out here. Something extraordinary happened today…


Crazy right?? Well, my competitive nature can sometimes prevent me from “letting loose”. I can seem very uptight and it honestly isn’t that fun to be around. Well, today I took a different approach. I literally didn’t stop joking around the entire time. Everyone I encountered, couldn’t help but laugh and smile. It felt wonderful. Everyone was just having one. It feels incredible to let loose. I have had an issue with this my entire life. I take everything seriously. I take life seriously. That really isn’t all that necessary. Today I took a big step in having fun this winter, more than I have ever had.


Then I went to work again. Only, 8.5 hours today, so not that bad. After work, I went to the bar. Yup! The bar that I always go to on Tuesdays. Prost. BUT I DIDN’T DRINK. Open Mic night. It was PACKED. I got there too late, ended up playing to wrap up the night for about 5 people haha.



In the past, I can almost guarantee that I would have left, but not tonight.

I don’t have much more to go on about. I simply have to say that I am just beginning to learn how to enjoy my life, instead of force it.

I am honestly exhausted, so today isn’t quite as long winded. However, the point is that I am still writing. Not every day is going to be your best performance, but if you show up every day, then you will lead yourself to your best performance, and THAT is what I am seeking to do.

I hope you can go have some fun today. We can always use a little more of that.


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