Week 2, Day 1

Well, today we begin Clean week #2!

I actually got a little bit of sleep, about 6 hours haha. That’s pretty decent for me. I couldn’t tell you the last time I slept for 8 or more. This put me at about 9 am waking up.

I didn’t get out of bed for about 45 minutes. I actually had about 3 conversations from my bed. A great friend reached out to me to let me know her little sister is visiting Colorado this week with her friends. They are considering moving out here. Honestly, do you know what feels awesome about this?


That’s all we really want, isn’t it? To feel validated, to feel like we have enough value that another person will think of us when a situation falls into our ballpark. I used to work with Devon a few years ago. She helped me branch out from bass, and encouraged me to spread my wings with acoustic guitar. I purchased my first one about 2 months before I moved across the country in summer of 2015. It feels great to still maintain a relationship despite not talking constantly.

I also chatted with some new musicians that I am working on getting some material going with. Things are looking great. I feel like I am meeting new people every single day. Not just saying hi nice to meet you, but actually having legitimate conversations.

I live with one of my best friends, and we both happened to have today off. So we had an in-depth 2 hours morning conversation. We both work quite frequently, but we always manage to have great morning conversations before we go about our day. Today was no different.

A little later I decided that I was going to treat myself today. So, I went for a float. I would highly recommend float therapy for anyone. For those that don’t know, you get into a shallow tub that is highly saturated with salt. This causes your body to become extremely buoyant. Essentially it is a sensory deprivation chamber. It calmed the mind and body. I walked about floating on clouds. The woman that worked there was kind enough to share a conversation with more substance than the usual, “hey, how’s your day? cool.”

The amount of conversations, and new connections that I have made in 8 days is absolutely mind-blowing. I feel like everywhere I go, I meet someone new that is open to having a real conversation. It’s truly a breath of fresh air.

Directly following the float, I had this years meet and greet for S.O.S. I volunteer as a sherpa during the winters. This essentially means that I am a big brother to 5 teenagers for the next 6 months! We get to all go snowboarding together once a month, as well as volunteering for service projects in the community. It is such a different experience being in a room with 40 children. It is such a change from my normal, adult, high responsibility way of life. It really helps to tap into my uninhibited nature.

Life feel more colorful, more vibrant this month. I feel like I am in the current of the universe. I am letting the energy flow, rather than trying to force things to work the way that I picture them.

I challenge you to try something new. I challenge you to speak your mind a little more, joke a little more, put yourself out there a little more. You never know where it might lead you!


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