Jam-packed day!

What a day. Yesterday, I was exhauster so I was in bed before 9. I made myself sleep all the way til 8 am to catch up on sleep. Woke up to a text from my friend Matt, asking if I was getting out on the hill. Why not!

So he swung by and we headed to Breckenridge. We got there shortly after 9 am. Wasn’t crowded at all. We took our time and took 4 solid runs. There definitely isn’t much open, but it is a pretty good length of run that is open.

However, this also means a ton of slow signs and the “yellow-jackets”, basically the ski police. I am lucky to keep my pass, first run I sent it hard off a knuckle next to a huge ” no jumping” sign. Oh well, he was cool about it and let me go.

Later on I got some jamming in with a few friends. I have been playing with all kinds of new people lately, it has been great! Afterwards I headed to the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge. There was a benefit concert going on for the virgin islands, after the 2 huge hurricanes that hit down there.

I have to say, I am quite exhausted.

I have to go grab some more sleep, I am forgetting about the rest side of this equation, I have just had so much energy this month.

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