The productivity continues!


I just don’t stop anymore, and I love it. The energy I feel from life is simply amazing.

This mmorning I woke up and took some laps at Keystone. Beautiful Blue-bird day. I found ONE cloud in the sky. There isn’t much terrain open yet, but I am still able to go snowboard whenever I want! 3 Mountains already this year, can’t hate on that!

I had a nice mid-day lull in which I relaxed for a little bit. Did some thinking about what I want in the future and let myself just BE. Incredible.

I had a volunteer event with SOS Outreach today. That is the organization that I volunteer with all winter. I am a resource for 5 children and we aim to make the world a better place. My kids are between 7th and 9th grade, so I get to subtly interject some wisdom in between the jokes. It is so much fun to have fun. Yes, you read that right. Let yourself have FUN. It is actually FUN!

What else did I do today?

Jammed for about 4 hours. 4 HOURS with my my new buddy Joe. We put some SERIOUS math down. Super complicated rhythms. This all started from my morning at Keystone. At the end, I walked over to a giant pipe instrument they have in the courtyard and started screwing around. It became this massive beast about 8 hours later. Who knows where it will go from here!

I also picked up a heated mattress pad today!!!!! Biggest issue in the past year and a half? Single pane windows, and living over a garage. COLD. Let’s hope that problem is solved!!!

I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful day. Go out there and make it so!!!!

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