Letting go of expectations

Seriously amazing day!! Yet again.

I completely let go of expectations today. I let go of expectations of how my day should go, and I stayed in the moment. It was so amazing. The day led me to some amazing places, so let me share with you.

Joe crashed at my place. We woke up and had an inspirational morning talk between Mark, Joe, and myself. It really set the tone for a very positive day.

Shortly after we went and picked up Alex for a jam session. We went to stop at Joe’s car, which he left in Frisco last night. He forgot his keys 😂. First choice, do I get mad? Do any of us get mad? Nah, we are riding the day so I decide it must be for a reason. We got more time to just enjoy the sun.


Then it was jam time! I honestly haven’t had more fun playing music with a other musicians ever. The immediate, unspoken communication between all 3 of us was pure magic. We played literally every genre. We had a blast. It was the most productive practice I have ever had. We wrote original stuff, and we play a bunch of covers as well. The flame has been rekindled. I look forward to the future!


Then, I even went bowling!! This is a passion that I have let run dry over the 2 years that I have lived out here. There is a bowling alley literally 1/2 a mile from my house….. But I never go. Why? I ask myself. I bowled 5 games. 2 of them over 200! My third game I hit strikes for my first 5 frames!! I miss it. Time to get back into it! Papa needs another 300!

Turns out the people I hung out with have access to a salt water hottub! Well shit. I could definitely use some hottub for my sore body, and I’ve never heard of a salt water hottub, so let’s go!!

It was such a great day. It was a great feeling to live every moment in that moment. It was great not to have any expectations on how the day was supposed to turn out. Zero attachment to what “should be”.
“Expectations are the birthplace of disappointment”

-P Lin


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