Dear Alcohol,

Fuck you.

Yeah, you heard me.

You’ve taken so many people from me.

You’ve taken too many people from me.

You almost got me, too.

But I survived.

And I am standing here fighting the good fight.

Other’s have not been so lucky, found in the hills of kentucky.

Their lives were taken.

Their hopes were crushed.

For some, you literally took the life from their body.

For others, you tempted them to take their life with a shottie.

A place where masks are common, and the devil whispers in your ear.

A place where you can turn and simply run from your fear.

“Fill her up”

It’s much easier than dealing with this hangup.

I’d rather turn a blind eye

Instead of putting thought into a reply

Why can’t I get myself to apply

To the world that keeps turnin

While I’m just sitting here on my couch burnin

Up from the inside out

Filled with complex levels of doubt

I sit here feeling paralyzed

left with no choice but to analyze

and mentally metabolize

these thoughts…

I’m sick of watching my friends become robots…

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