The Key is Action

Thank you friends!

I just hit my highest number of visitors for a month, EVER! It’s only the 18th!

Now, why did this happen? ACTION. Literally. I have wrote a blog every day, besides one, this entire month. Action provides results.

Momentum is what I have squandered countless times in my life. That “instant gratification” gives me a short dopamine fix, and I say, eh that’s good for now. Then the wheels fall off. This month has already shown what happens when you constantly put effort into something. I have never felt so full of life, and so level headed.

Today has been awesome. Great day all around! It FINALLY snowed out!! Winter is coming into town, and we are going to be best friends.

I came home to my limited release Gary Vaynerchuk x K Swiss Sneakers!!! They sold out in 12 hours!! Gotta hustle baby!
As I was stoked about that already, I get a text message. Hmm. Run live sound next Friday?? AND get paid?? 2 years out here, and now things are just falling into my lap. A seed I planted about 3 weeks ago, popped through the soil! Now I nurture it, feed it!

Speaking of which, look at the little baby!

Then it was back to music! Working on some ideas, boy does it feel good to be messing around in ProTools once again!

Full speed ahead. Keepin it dialed in.

OH, and guess what??

I just completed my second YEAR working for the LARGEST dispensary that exists in the world today.


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