Snow brings out the child

It’s inevitable. The first real snow and the energy everywhere is buzzing. People are simply in amazing moods. I mean, how can you not feel amazing with a surrounding like this. I’ll tell you, the road were BUSY this morning. Hella people driving to the mountains!
I worked a long 12 hour day. Generally speaking, spirits were glowing all day long. People were in great moods. Some people saw snow for the FIRST TIME today!! Can you imagine being 30? 40? And never seeing snow before?? Maybe you can! Maybe you never have!!

What an amazing thought!

Our perspectives can be so different, and we can learn so much from each other!

I have to say, it’s amazing what can happen if you simply ask. I have been putting feelers out in different ways every day. Today I asked about podcasts. Tomorrow I get to pick the brain of a friend of a friend that has started one. Another friend is about to start one!


I am so fortunate. I am so blessed.

Just open your mouth. The world is waiting for you. You can accomplish ANYTHING.

It’s all about how you Choose to look at it!

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