What a wonderful world

Every day is awesome. Literally. I honestly can’t sleep now so I only get about 5 hours a night. My energy is just through the roof the days are seeming longer and longer.

Today was spent being a homebody. First few hours I simply let my mind wander.

I got to have an amazing conversation with my Aunt. It was wonderful to catch and hear about the awesome things happening in her life. She has always been an excellent support system for me, so I am happy to see her to happy! We got to talk about so many things, and I am looking forward to visiting in a few months!

In the afternoon, my new friends Joe and Alex came by! Joe was headed down to Denver, so Alex and I chilled for awhile. And by awhile, I mean like…6 hours. We had a blast. We played EVERY, SINGLE, INSTRUMENT in my house!!!

Literally those are all my instruments, other than one acoustic on the left. Howany instruments can you spot???

Overall, I had a great day. I am in love with life. I have a plan for life, and it is fulfilling it’s prophecy. 

Leave yourself open to the possibility is all I keep telling myself. It is amazing.

I hope you have an excellent week. Let me know about the good things happening in your life!!!

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