Be The Hero Of Your Own Movie!

In the flow of the universe.


It’s currently 3:40 am. I have been up since 6 am. Worked for 12 hours. then came home and worked on me for another 7+ hours.

This life I am living is inspired. When you see results, it motivates you. When you learn the key, all the doors open. Stay in the moment. Stay present.

Work was long, but so many awesome things happened. People are awesome if you give them a chance, but it all starts from within!

I have been “saying” I want to be a motivational speaker for over 4 years…. Never made any progress, ever. Never took an action towards it. I have learned and implemented the Law of Attraction, but never realized the law of vibration.

Simply put, you can’t attract something that you are not a vibrational match for.

Well, let me tell you, I am on some seriously awesome vibrations. Today, I had a stranger call me at work. She works at the high school and after talking to her she wants me to come to share my story with high school kids.

For those that are not aware, I broke my neck 7.5 years ago. I fractured 3 vertebrae among other injuries.


And I owe my life to service for others. There is nothing I want more from this life than to inspire others. Nothing means more to me. I want people to better themselves. I want this world to better itself. I want people to take action towards what they want out of life.

I want people to feel like they have control, like they ARE good enough. We need to make this world a better place. It starts with you. You are the only person that you can change. I am doing a completely sober month to show you that we have power over our vices. Everything is a choice. Make the right choice!

I had an interaction with a woman that I have known for over a year. Well, first off, I landed a live sound gig this Friday! That happened a few days ago, out of thin air. Simply by being open to possibilities. Turns out, her SON is the one playing the show!! HA! Small world!

Tomorrow I am going to meet the club owner to have him give me a rundown on how he is set up.

When I came home tonight, I decided to document, rather than create. So instead of planning all of this stuff, I set up a live stream, while changing my bass strings, cleaning it, and listening to Gary Vaynerchuk! For 2 HOURS!

Then, I wrote most of a hip hop song. Why? BECAUSE I CAN. Life is an experiment, we all need to play with it a little more. I hope you feel inspired. I hope you take a step towards the life that you want. Right Now.

Please, go out and crush the day!


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