Choose to grow!

Why are we so afraid to grow?

Not every situation is a light socket, we can simply throw our hat in the ring, and see what happens.

Why are we so afraid to experiment with life?


Are we simply programmed that way?

What inherently makes us bottle our thoughts?

It’s honestly sad. It’s sad how we hide ourselves, and we hide our light.

We are afraid that is isn’t enough. That we aren’t enough.

Why are we so afraid of being different?

THAT is what makes us so special! Why wouldn’t we want to be unique?

Why are we so afraid of looking ourselves in the mirror? Of knowing who we are?

That is where the juice of life exists. Knowing yourself will push you into the stratosphere.

It’s all a choice. What do you want in life? You are choosing it right now. You are choosing your actions every moment of the day. You can literally choose your life. So stop choosing the low hanging fruit, if you want to build an empire.

You cannot fight yourself. Every fight has a winner and a loser, and you’ll have to play both roles.

I wish you the best life in the world. However, I can’t make you get up 5 minutes earlier. I can’t make you choose not to pick up that beer.

Only you can.

I am moving behind the scenes right now. I am going to be making some announcements soon, and I would absolutely appreciate you sitting next to me along this journey.

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