Today was Thanksgiving.

Literally, Thanks-Giving.

I started my day by doing just that.

I spent about 3 hours, sending roughly 300 individual texts this morning, that simply said “Thank you!”

It was thrilling!!

I looked through every single contact on my phone. Literally. If you didn’t get a text, then I don’t have your phone number, so send it to me!

SO, what happened?

Roughly 30% of those people responded.

Roughly half of THOSE people, essentially sent a question mark, or huh?, or for what?, or did you mean to send that to me?

My answer to that, you have been a character in the story of my life. You have played a part to bring me to this exact place and time.

The conversations that arose from this were spectacular!! I reconnected with people I haven’t spoken to in a little bit of time. I haven’t been strong enough to be vulnerable. Today, I felt compelled to tell people thank you.

SO, why did I do this?

The reason is 2-fold.

A) I want to actually give thanks. I wanted to thank people!

B) It’s different and I wanted to inspire people to do whatever their heart tells them to, even if it’s “different”. That is where the spice of life exists.

The conversations that spawned out of this, were pure magic. Pure Euphoria.

I also launched a new Public Figure profile on Facebook to separate my personal and Professional image. I would love it If you could check it out!

Patrick J. Linfante – Facebook

I left my house around 12:30. Headed to the other side of the county.

Might as well stop and take a few runs at Breckenridge!


I am lucky to have seen some really excellent people on such a happy day.

Then I got to enjoy an excellent friendsgiving, with some brand new friends!

Life is pure magic.

Please, subscribe to the blog, and follow my public profile on Facebook. There are some great things coming down the line that I would be super pumper to tell you about!


I am eternally grateful

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