A Letter To Myself

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MY Manifesto
Hey Dear Older Patrick,
Today wasn’t bad. See I told you everything was going to be ok. A few hours of sleep is enough . We are up to go. A quick shave , a nutribullet shake packed with bananas, pineapple, berries, greens, and whey.
Bzzzz, and we’re off and running. Hop in Su and we are rolling across the dam. It’s absolutely beautiful out. Another one of Colorado’s Bluebird days. 8:20 and the Sun is the most Beautiful Gold. Go into work for another day on the front lines. It is now 2 years into the industry and you at a point where you can grow. Every day is filled with new opportunities to strengthen your skills. You have been recognizing so many new aspects of your awareness. I am proud about how far I have come, and I am trying to imagine the heights I am looking to climb, but I cannot quite place them into worlds at this time.
This has been a large period of self reflection for you. The amount of will to succeed continues to grow. I am happy with who I have become.
I finally believe it.
I finally believe that I have value.
For so long I have suppressed myself. I have tried to find where to fit in. I have found that by standing out, I have felt more included than ever before in my life. By doing exactly what I want to do, I am happy. By being able to control my impulses and consider everything I do is such a blessing. I am in the best place I have ever been in my life, in every way. I look forward to the new opportunities that lay ahead.
However they may present themselves. Challenges are new ways to grow. This month. This challenge of controlled abstinence from vices, has been such a blessing. The amount of relationships that you have built this month is incredible. Please, continue down this path. If you have fallen on hard time, and you have yourself doubting it all. Please, start at the top and read this again.
If you are feeling on top of the world? You feel confident. You feel the way you deserve to feel. You deserve it all. Then go do that. Because you have a great heart, and it is going to take you great places.

Patrick Linfante…Today. November 26th, 2017 at 10:25 Pm

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