Give more of yourself

I implore you.

Look deep inside and ask yourself a question:

“Do I give enough of myself?”

See, I don’t require an answer.

However, you do. You need to know the answer to this question.

When you lay in bed at night, all alone with your thoughts, this answer will pop up. The question is, can you look at it in the face? The sooner you do, the closer you get to healing. So many of us hurt. So many of us hurt, so we lash out. We last out at those, because we hurt, and we think that venting brings us peace.

Well, healthy venting may in fact bring us peace, yet tearing people down does nothing of the sort. The way we lash out can break people. We don’t know the mental fortitude of the person we are speaking with, even when it is ourselves.

We all have demons, and they are either active or dormant. Launching into an aggression packed assault will in no way, shape, or form, bring either of you peace. When we give in to these demons, we are not at our best. Sorry to say, it is all a choice. Demons proposition with temptation.

It is tempting to yell when you are mad, but you don’t have to. You can simply say, not today, and calmly explain your frustrations.

Don’t bullshit me with the “That’s who I am speech”. It’s all a choice, and if you choose to be constantly confrontational and belligerent, well then you are simply a selfish asshole.

You can make a lot more friends by caring about people. Don’t tell me you don’t want friends, or hate people either. You are simply putting up a wall because you have probably been bullied, mistreated, or hurt in some way, shape, or form, and now you are scared to be vulnerable.

Maybe you’re afraid you don’t have value, but you are the one that can give yourself value. Someone doesn’t think you are good enough for them? FUCK ‘EM. Someone else will. They are afraid of how capable you actually are.

The only time you can be hard on yourself is when your answer to the first question I asked, is a no.

When you don’t give yourself to the world.

When you aren’t being your best self.

When you are though…. that’s where the magic happens.

When you give yourself fully to the universe, the universe will shower you with rewards.
Be unapologetically you.


The world needs you.

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