The feeling of being restless

I’m pacing.

I’m changing from activity to activity every 5 minutes.

I don’t like feeling like this.

I am always trying to progress and sometimes I have a hard time turning myself off.

I am feeling anxious.

I am worried about the future.

Can I snap myself back into this moment?

I appreciate this moment.

I appreciate it for what it is.

Take a breath.


Today was a great day. It was extremely productive. I received several messages from around the world. I don’t even know where to start. I am grateful that people find value in my words. I am grateful that I have this perception that I am blessed with. People are drawn to me.


Human connection has been what I have searched my entire life. Little did I realize, it was right there the entire time. Just do what you want. It is that simple. Actions have effect. They have consequences. Consequence does not have to imply negative results, unless you choose to let it.

Complete strangers want my help.

Let that sink in.

My mind is blown. The more I show myself, the more people are drawn to me. It is what I have heard my entire life, but never acted upon.

The fact that I am being asked on a constant basis for my opinion is humbling. I have traveled a difficult path in this life. I have made some terrible decision. Some that I almost paid my life for. And yet, here I stand, wearing these scars as badges of honor. Scars gained on the road less traveled. Perspective gained from climbing the mountain, after mountain.

Now, I turn around, and ask…

“Do you trust me?”

Well then, take my hand and join me.

I will show you how strong you actually are.

I will show you how to conquer obstacles.

Join me, and let’s change the world.

It all starts with you.

Make the choice that you have been putting off for the longest time.

Listen to your soul.

Go. Do. That.

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