Wearing my heart on my sleeve

This is who I am.

I am in full send mode! Just thrusting myself out into the universe, seeing what opportunities lie in wait! Today was a great day!


It will most likely only be a couple of inches and then be dry again for awhile, but hey, it’s something! Come on Ullr, we need some love out here in the rockies!!

Nonetheless, today was our on-hill training for the S.O.S. Outreach program, the volunteer work I do for the winter. I have 5 kids that I am a mentor to during the next 5 months. Woo!! It is so much fun being around kids.

It’s fun to have fun. Period.

I also decided that today was going to involve some R&R. I have pushing myself quite hard lately, and I need some recovery time. I am trying to get my first podcast published so I can release it on Wednesday! Last night, I turned around on my way to Denver so that I could come home and work on it instead. That freed up some time and stress from today!

After the day at Keystone, I went for another Float. Float therapy is so awesome! It grounded me, and let me walk out stress free.

Which I used to come home and work more on my podcast! I am about 95% done! It is all recorded and ALMOST ready to go. Now, I have to just come up with my “calling card”, the intro/outro. One of the hardest parts! Yet, once it is done, then it is done!!

Calling it an early night, as I have to be up at about 5 am!

Podcast will be out on Wednesday, so stay tuned!!!!

Love to you all!

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