I am so stoked right now!!!


My first podcast ever!!! I completed it just now!!

This is one of the first things in my entire life that I have seen through. I have wrote countless half-songs, first chapters, and random thoughts. Yet, I never take it to the finish line. It always stays as an IDEA in my mind. I never have the confidence to fully see it through.

Lemme tell ya, this is vulnerable. I recorded an hour of my mind, for anyone in the world to listen to…. Do you realize what is possible in this world today???

How crazy is it that I can record an hour of my own ideas, and anyone that clicks a link, can get a glance into my mind!! So unreal!! A little scary!!!

For those of you interested in the past month of my life, and the challenge that I took on, PLEASE make it a point to listen to this on Wednesday. I would love to share this with every person that I can possibly find.

For all of the questions, I have long, detailed answers!

No Weed.

No Alcohol.

No Coffee.

No Dating.

It was a hell of a month baby!!

Tune in Wednesday to hear ALL about it!!!

Cheers to you!!!


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