Mentoring is back!!

Tomorrow kicks off another winter working with “S.O.S. Outreach’!

I am a sherpa, and what that means, is that I have 5 kids that I will be a mentor to for the next 6+ months!!

This is such a rewarding time for me. We tend to forget about how we felt when we were younger. This helps remember some of the challenges I faced, and the situations that I overcame in order to be the person I am today.

Did I mention, we will snowboarding all day at Keystone Resort! What a great way to bond. You get outside, and they feel more comfortable to ask you about life. Watching confidence build throughout the season is such a great feeling.

I am so lucky to be able to have this opportunity. It helps me grow so much. It helps put life into perspective. It helps everyone.

We need more connection in life. We could all benefit from a little time spent out in nature with some new friends, where we can trade perspectives, and learn.


PS- The universe threw my a soft pitch right over the plate today. Tune into the blog this week to hear more! 😜🎙

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