Please, push past your fear.

I implore you.

Go past your fears.

That is where life begins.

That’s the saying that we have heard before.

But it’s true….

Making yourself do something that you are afraid of, is one of the single most exhilarating emotions. It fills you up. It makes you feel like you are walking on clouds, like the weight is off your shoulders.

This is the power of choice. You can give yourself good experiences. You can give yourself the power to choose which experiences that you want!

If you have the inclination, do it!

Otherwise you have the weight of regret. The weight of “what-if”.

What if? What if you actually find out the information you want, rather than remain curious forever? What if the result it bad? Well…THEN YOU KNOW. And the thought can be laid to rest.

Regret…. is a terrible place to live. You will forever stand on the other side of the veil, when you could have simply chosen to walk through and see the other side, and then make a judgement based on the information at hand.

Face your fears. Walk through that door. Experience unfamiliarity. Put down the need to know what is going to happen. Put down the need to feel like you belong.


Live your truest self, and there is no other happiness.

Participate where you would like.

Participate how you would like.

Simply participate.

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