My newest challenge

My newest challenge is a habit.

My goal is to eventually do 100 pushups, every day.

I have done 100 pushups in a day, about 3 times so far.

Today, was my highest. I completed 120, and I may do more!

I just did 40, yes 40 pushups in one session, for the first time in about 15 years?

This may not sound like a huge deal.

Maybe it isn’t to you.

But to me……

it is amazing.

I could not do a pushup for about 7 years after my car accident. I always felt like my wrist tendon was going to snap from the pressure.

I would try 1..   2..    3..


Now sit there… think… try not to feel sorry for yourself… Try to not hate yourself for the decisions that you have made.


I was able to finally do pushups this past August. I did a couple here and there. and then….

10 in a set.

Then a few sets a day…

Then 20 in a set…

The beginning of this year I started to work towards this goal.

January…I did 620.

This month, I am already at 440.

I would like to do 1,000 this month.

I would also like to…one day….do 1,000 in ONE DAY.

I am writing it here for history.

Because I WILL do it!


I have lost my path recently. Just a little step off to see what was going on, and I got myself lost.

I am hoping that this is the moment I can pull it back together. The moment I struggled through those last 5 pushups, I felt the pump. I felt the accomplishment. I felt what I get from cycling. I have a goal now, for the next 2 months, while I wait for Cycling to kick off. Then I get to combine the pushups with the cycling and get in the most incredible shape that I have ever been in.

Join me for this journey.

Help support me.

Help encourage me.

Help Me.

For I am here to help any of you, you simply have to ask.

Here’s to evolution.



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