February Pushup Goal Complete!

Well, I did it!

I did over 2,000 pushups this month. 2,110! Another check on the list.

I also had my first 200 pushup day about 2 days ago.

Now I set new goals.

March I will do 3,000 minimum. 100 a day. Right now I am averaging about 130 and getting stronger every day. Eventually I want to do 300 in a day, and then 500, and then 1,000. But that’s down the road a bit.

I also started using a kettle bell. It is time to work on some other muscle groups. Shoulders are lackin!

I am so amped for cycling season to be back!! This is the on ramp right now. A few more weeks and that bike is coming out of the garage! I hope to accomplish 3,000 miles this year!

It is all about habit.

How can I get to the end of these long goals? Habit. Daily time and effort.

Build great habits. Let’s go!

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