Saturday Night Fever

Did the title give you some memories? What did it trigger?

Day #2 in a row. Let’s get this started!

I feel the need to put my thoughts here. Like I said yesterday in my post 3:43 AM, this is cathartic for me. The more we engage as I move down the road, the more fulfillment grows. This doesn’t happen until I act. I might have to write 3 blogs, 27 blogs, or 99 blog   before anyone engages with me due to the thoughts I put here. (Let’s hope we don’t take this long, but hey if that’s the price, so be it.)

So, what do we talk about today?

Honestly, I feel like there wasn’t a whole lot involved in today, HOWEVER, seeds were still planted, and I had an experience. Due to my inability to sleep last night, which also led to my ability to take action with this, I slept quite late today. I barely beat noon to get out of bed after a 5 am crash last night.

I woke up to a few texts messages, which is a treat!

Today, I had another wedding to work, and I had to be there relatively early. So I only had about 2 hours to eat, shower, shave, etc, before running to barely make the 2:08 bus. My entire day was spent at the wedding. Fortunately, we wrapped a little early and I was able to run to the store for some groceries rather than tomorrow am!

There really isn’t a lot of meat in this post today, but I can notice things changing.

Underneath the surface, things are shifting. I have been shutting things out from my mind. AKA setting up walls around me. I have been trying to deny and ignore things. The past few days I have been much more open to thoughts and ideas. I have been revisiting ideas that I have put on a shelf. Most of them have been placed there by self-inflicted doubt. I have plenty of half started projects that I gave up because my mind told me that it would suck in the end.

Well, I am revisiting them. I need to produce more. I have been a ghost going through the motion. I am going to take these works of art and release them into the world.

Stay tuned as the future unfurls.





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