Back at it again

with the blog posts!

Took a few days off. It has been an interesting week.

Prost was awesome Tuesday Night. Prost is the bar that has the best open mic every week. The end was filled with a giant jam, it was a blast. It was like a party around a campfire, and everyone came to share a part of themselves. The end was magic. there are always “mistakes” when you are just jamming, but there were also some moments that felt so perfect.

After leaving the bar I had the great idea to go for a hike…ha. At 3:30 am I hiked up the mountain that overlooks Frisco. I got up there before sunrise. It was quite awe inspiring. I sat up there for a few hours. Just sat, me and myself. I watched the world wake up. It stopped me to take it all in.

I finally got down and back home by about 10 am. I tried to sleep, woke up 2 hours later and just kinda vegged. Most of the day was spent resting. Oh, did I mention I also started the day off with 70 miles on my bike, plus the several miles I hiked overnight, and I was tired physically!

Wednesday and Thursday were quite uneventful. Literally, not a whole lot to report.

Today I was back to work. A few errands earlier in the day, followed by a fun wedding. One of my jobs is bartending weddings. Today was definitely a fun time. Good people, fun, respectful, it makes all the difference.

Home now, as I look forward to next week. There may be something epic on the horizon, and I look forward to sharing the journey!

Hope this finds you well!



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