Patrick Linfante has experienced more valleys and mountaintops than most people

Transforming from a broken man to an Ironman.

He uses his experience to give listeners a vision for creating their own path to their dreams, their own vision, and to recapturing the dream of their life. 

His pivotal moment came after an accident where he was thrown from his car and woke to three broken vertebrae in his neck. From there he began a journey to rebuild himself, his body, and his spirit. When you cross paths with Patrick, his message will inspire you to make your life the trip of a lifetime as he guides you along your own hero’s journey. 

For many years Patrick has been a bartender. What he’s discovered is those who come to him need more than a cocktail, they need connection. His experience of being a Soul Tender has led him to take his message out from behind the bar to the stage, to motivate and inspire people to action.