My 2018 Cycling Recap!

Read about my incredible 2018 Cycling Season!

Let’s get married!

HA! Just kidding. One of the ways I earn income is through bartending weddings and other private events. Tonight I had the pleasure of working a wedding. I swear, if I ever do get married, I'll have seen hundreds of examples. It is going to be a blast. I enjoy being able to meet people … Continue reading Let’s get married!

Back at it again

with the blog posts! Took a few days off. It has been an interesting week. Prost was awesome Tuesday Night. Prost is the bar that has the best open mic every week. The end was filled with a giant jam, it was a blast. It was like a party around a campfire, and everyone came … Continue reading Back at it again

Word of the day: interesting

What a day. Blog post #4. I will continue. Regardless. Start of the day. 61 mile bike ride. My friend Ben asked if I wanted to go to Vail. I am way behind my miles for the month, so why not? Then we almost couldn't go, but then we did! 61 miles on the docket, … Continue reading Word of the day: interesting

Taking the first step

So, today I took a step. (in addition to this being step#3 blog in a row) I am an avid cyclist and I am trying to transition to train for a triathalon. Today I took the first step. A very small one, yet it was one. There was a 1 mile walk/run for Diabetes today … Continue reading Taking the first step

Saturday Night Fever

Did the title give you some memories? What did it trigger? Day #2 in a row. Let's get this started! I feel the need to put my thoughts here. Like I said yesterday in my post 3:43 AM, this is cathartic for me. The more we engage as I move down the road, the more fulfillment … Continue reading Saturday Night Fever

2018 Copper Triangle Reflection!

What a fun time! This was the first event that I have completed for a second time. I only began biking last May.  That only put me about 15 months into this journey, and oh what a journey it has been! I have been facing some mental and physical challenges throughout my training  this summer, … Continue reading 2018 Copper Triangle Reflection!