My 2018 Cycling Recap!

Read about my incredible 2018 Cycling Season!

2018 Copper Triangle Reflection!

What a fun time! This was the first event that I have completed for a second time. I only began biking last May.  That only put me about 15 months into this journey, and oh what a journey it has been! I have been facing some mental and physical challenges throughout my training  this summer, … Continue reading 2018 Copper Triangle Reflection!

2018 GoPro Mountain Games – Racing Pro Cyclists?!?!

Tis True! Yesterday, was an epic day!! I was able to register for the GoPro Mountain Games. They had a Road Bike Time Trial Event. There were about 8 categories, such as Junior, Masters 35+, 55+, Male/Female, etc. Then there were 2 open categories. They were essentially, open Beginner, and open Pro. Well, if you … Continue reading 2018 GoPro Mountain Games – Racing Pro Cyclists?!?!

2018 Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival – Reflection!

Wow! What a weekend! I am currently licking my wounds, however I know my body will heal itself and become even stronger! What an experience! Sure, I can go ride 100 miles, anytime, and probably even have better weather than yesterday. However, you simply cannot compare the feeling of being surrounded by cyclists for 7 … Continue reading 2018 Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival – Reflection!

2,000 miles on the year!!!

Well friends, I have done it! I have biked over 2,000 miles this year! Given the fact I live in Colorado, this is only since about mid-April! 2,000 miles is roughly the equivalent of the East Coast of the United States.... Think about that for a second.... All I can say, What a journey!!!! Cold … Continue reading 2,000 miles on the year!!!

The Life I have always dreamt of

I look around, and I can't help but think "this is it!" Over the years, I have thought about the "prefect" day, the "perfect" lifestyle, etc. as it pertains to me. (These thoughts are obviously not universal) To me, it involves freedom and happiness. Again, the definitions to these words are personal to us all. … Continue reading The Life I have always dreamt of

Golden Gran Fondo Reflection

What a day. 93 miles 11,000+ feet of vertical climbing Took me 8 Hours WELL. It's 4 am, I just pulled out of my driveway. It is an hour drive down to Golden before the sun rises for the day. It was so serene, albeit I was tired. I pulled into the park at 5 … Continue reading Golden Gran Fondo Reflection


WOO!! Cycling has made a HUGE splash into my life. I have been waiting for this feeling for about 4 years. I have wanted a road bike, and wanted a road bike, and I finally got one about 6 weeks ago. I just completed my first back to back weeks hitting 100 miles! The month … Continue reading GET OUT THE CYCLING SHORTS!

Cycling Progress 5.18.17

Well, let me tell you. I LOVE cycling. You just feel so alive, so capable, after finishing a hellashish climb. You feel stronger. It takes discipline, mental health, and well, general good health. I am currently on a benchmark of being able to do 20 miles anywhere from 1 Hour and 5 minutes to 1 … Continue reading Cycling Progress 5.18.17