Mentoring is back!!

Tomorrow kicks off another winter working with "S.O.S. Outreach'! I am a sherpa, and what that means, is that I have 5 kids that I will be a mentor to for the next 6+ months!! This is such a rewarding time for me. We tend to forget about how we felt when we were younger. … Continue reading Mentoring is back!!

Wearing my heart on my sleeve

This is who I am. I am in full send mode! Just thrusting myself out into the universe, seeing what opportunities lie in wait! Today was a great day! IT IS CURRENTLY SNOWING!!!! It will most likely only be a couple of inches and then be dry again for awhile, but hey, it's something! Come … Continue reading Wearing my heart on my sleeve

The feeling of being restless

Being Restless might be uncomfortable. Read as I calm myself by doing what I love.

A Letter To Myself

Just more experimenting with life. My Blog is written as a note on Faceook today. Please click to read it!   MY Manifesto Hey Dear Older Patrick, Today wasn’t bad. See I told you everything was going to be ok. A few hours of sleep is enough . We are up to go. A … Continue reading A Letter To Myself

Give more of yourself

I implore you. Look deep inside and ask yourself a question: "Do I give enough of myself?" See, I don't require an answer. However, you do. You need to know the answer to this question. When you lay in bed at night, all alone with your thoughts, this answer will pop up. The question is, … Continue reading Give more of yourself

How do I process all of this?

Every day there are countless moments. Simple. Minuscule. Moments. Today has had an array of emotions. My day started by finding out that I lost a friend... My heart sank. A man I have known for 10 years is no longer with us. We toured the East Coast of the US in 2013 together. I … Continue reading How do I process all of this?

2,000 miles on the year!!!

Well friends, I have done it! I have biked over 2,000 miles this year! Given the fact I live in Colorado, this is only since about mid-April! 2,000 miles is roughly the equivalent of the East Coast of the United States.... Think about that for a second.... All I can say, What a journey!!!! Cold … Continue reading 2,000 miles on the year!!!

The Life I have always dreamt of

I look around, and I can't help but think "this is it!" Over the years, I have thought about the "prefect" day, the "perfect" lifestyle, etc. as it pertains to me. (These thoughts are obviously not universal) To me, it involves freedom and happiness. Again, the definitions to these words are personal to us all. … Continue reading The Life I have always dreamt of

Passion awoken.

Wow! What an incredible day!!! Let me tell you, this is a day that I have wished for. First, I made a fantastic breakfast. Homemade Frenchtoast and bacon. Killer stuff, lemme tell ya! Then, I went to "work". I am one of the lucky individuals in this world, that makes their income, legally, through Cannabis … Continue reading Passion awoken.

Have you tried?

Seriously. Have you tried? You want that life. You want that job. You want that car. You want the girl. You want the guy. You want to be healthy. You want to be wealthy. You want to put your idea into action. BUT... Have you actually tried? Have you full on sent it? Have you … Continue reading Have you tried?